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Welcome to the Animal Welfare Education Package.

Animal welfare is increasingly contributing to, and strongly influencing, views on animal use in society and the acceptability of various animal management options. Consumer and public attitudes to animal welfare have the potential to dramatically affect the use of animals in society, influencing for better or for worse, the operations of livestock industries, medical research, the management of feral and wild animals, and the care of recreational and companion animals.

The aim of this package is to introduce key concepts and considerations in the area of animal welfare to staff who work directly with animal owners and carers. We hope to develop further modules which will introduce species-specific training in animal welfare assessment.

You can move through the package at your own pace and submit your responses to activities to the Animal Welfare Science Centre. Identities and responses to activities are kept confidential.

The package is split into three parts:

Introduction - what is animal welfare and why worry about it?

Unit 1 - Morality and ethics, Animal ethics, Community debate and animal ethics, Animal Advocacy and Current Mechanisms in Animal Welfare

Unit 2 - Humans and Animals, The domestication of animals, Human-animal interactions, Fear of Humans, The assessment of fear in the field, Human Behaviour and Training

Initially we will be restricting participation in the package to Victorian residents, but will invite others to take part at a later date.

To gain access to the program please send an email to , you will be provided with a login ID, please enter that ID on the log-in screen and create your own password.

You will need to remember these details so that the point in course where you previously quit is remembered at a subsequent log in.

Please note that as the package is flash based, you will not be able to access the package using an IPad.

To access the program click here.

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